FATW3 week 10 - Seaglass

This week's square is called "Seaglass" and is by Stephanie Pokorny from crochetverse. I really love how this square turned out. Some rounds were a little tricky in that I had to be very conscious of what I was doing with my counting or I would get stitches in the wrong place. However, it was well worth the effort considering how beautiful it looks. The pattern can be found here

Don't forget the extra rounds if you are doing the CAL.

Below is my version of the square. 


As a side note, she suggested carrying the yarn behind your work so I took that literally and didn't try to incorporate the carried yarn in my stitches so I have a few loose looking ends on the back as you can see the photo below (please excuse all the ends - I tend to wait until the very end of a project to do all the weaving in, just in case I change my mind about something). 

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