FATW3 week 11 - Ngaru Moana by Maxine Sutherland

I'm super excited for this next square in the CAL because it is by another Kiwi designer, Maxine Sutherland. I had the privilege of getting to try out this square before it went through testing and it was such a fun square to make. Plus, it looks lovely. The pattern was released this morning at 5 am New Zealand time. While I have downloaded it already, I haven't started to make it yet... at least this time round in the acrylic yarn I'm using for doing the CAL. However, I couldn't wait to share the pattern link on my blog so I'm posting a photo of the square I made with the pattern when it was in the early testing stages. I'm not sure if she changed anything about her pattern between then and now but I expect that she probably didn't have to change anything. Anyway, I love how my first one turned out and now that I'm looking at it again, I'm regretting not having a darker blue in the set of colours I chose for the CAL.

You can find Maxine's pattern here (including a link to the video by Stephanie from It's Crochet O'Clock)

Don't forget the extra rounds if you're doing the CAL

Below is my version of the square. For this version I used Naturally Loyal Aran weight yarn.

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