FATW3 - weeks 12-15

I've been getting quite behind with posting photos and links to these patterns. However, thankfully, I'm still keeping up to date with making up these lovely patterns as we travel around the world with the FATW3 CAL.

The week 12 pattern comes from Kate Veselunka who is from Ukraine (you can find her pattern here on Ravelry and a little more about Kate here). The design is called "Wheat Bouquet" and it was lovely to make, albeit mine is not particularly square at the moment. However, I figure that will sort itself out with a bit of blocking. Here's my version of her square:

Weeks 13 and 14 are both from come from Israeli designer Iris Fait. The first one is called Yona and is dedicated to her mother. The second one is called Dvora and is dedicated to her mother-in-law (link to patterns by clicking the names of the squares). My versions are shown below (Yona first and then Dvora). Again, I haven't managed to make my squares sit flat but I am confident they will be find after blocking.

The week 15 pattern comes from Denmark and the designer is Mikkel Beck Hansen who has called his square "Tribute" in honour of his grandparents. My version is shown below. This time mine looks reasonably square but again it needs blocking before the squares are joined.

If you're doing the CAL too, don't forget to add the extra 3 rounds (some of mine still need to have those added). You can find them here

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