FATW3 weeks 16 and 17

Again, I've been getting behind with posting my progress on the FATW3 CAL (Friends around the world 3 crochet along). Weeks 16 and 17 come from Bonnie Barker of Bonnie Bay Crochet (the CAL is now at week 20 so I'm getting very far behind). Bonnie is known for her cabled patterns and these two are no exception. These are the first patterns in the CAL that are worked in rows first and then finished in rounds. 

The week 16 pattern is called "Cables and Columns" and can be found here

The photo of my finished version (complete with the extra 3 rounds) is shown below:

The week 17 pattern is called "Boxed Honeycombs" and can be found here

I accidentally made it 4 1/2 honeycombs high at first so I had to frog back until it was the right size. I have to say, some of the fptr stitches are tricky to do because of where you have to place them so in some ways it was a little heartbreaking to have to frog things. But, at the same time, it was good to practice the honeycomb stitch pattern as I had never tried it out before. My photo of the finished square is shown below:

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