Finished FATW3 blankets

I finally finished off all of my FATW3 blankets a little while ago but it has taken a little while to get round to remembering to share the photos of the finished blankets. Since there were 33 squares in total, I made 3 smaller blankets each with 12 squares per blanket - each blanket had the square that I designed (Ponga Tree) and the other double-up was a mixture of the first 2 weeks combined ("Noughts" and "Crosses" by Valerie Bracegirdle). There were 4 of us from New Zealand who designed squares for the CAL so each blanket had at least one of the New Zealand designs. Because I didn't do a great job of planning out colour schemes in advance, one blanket had just one NZ-designed square, the next had two NZ-designed squares and the last had three NZ-designed squares. To aid my kids in immediately recognising which blanket was theirs, I used a different border colour for each blanket (which was also used for joining the squares together).

It was definitely a fun experience trying patterns from around the world (as well as having one of my own designs out there). I learned quite a bit from some of the squares and it was interesting seeing how different people write up their patterns since everyone's style is a little different.

Blanket #1 - red border and joining colour

This blanket contains the following squares: 

"Cables and Columns" by Bonnie Barker (week 16) - pattern no longer on Ravelry

 "Delilah" by Vanessa Smith/Hooked on Sunshine (week 24)

"Friendship" by Sarit Grinberg (week 21)

"Ponga Tree" by me (week 29)

"Ferris" by Polly Plum (week 30)

"Noughts" by Valerie Bracegirdle (week 1)

"Crosses" by Valerie Bracegirdle (week 2)

"Sea Glass" by Stephanie Porkorny (week 10)

"Yona" by Iris Fait (week 13)

"Arizona Winter Evening" by Kristen Hartt (week 8)

 "Soulmate" by Mervi Järvensivu (week 31)

"Water Lily" by Tatsiana Kupyjanchyk/Lilla Bjorn (week 20)

"Square of Muis" by Marjolein Kooiman (week 33)


Blanket #2 - green yarn for border and joining

This blanket contains the following squares:

"A stitch in time" by Micki Devlin (week 9)

"Misty Morning" by Claire Suttcliffe (week 19) - no longer available online

"Noughts" by Valerie Bracegirdle (week 1)

"Crosses" by Valerie Bracegirdle (week 2)

"Dahlia Delight" by Shelly Husband (week 3)

"Wheat Bouquet" by Kate Veselunka (week 12)

"Aurora" Vanessa Smith/Hooked on Sunshine (week 25)

"Snow Maiden" by Margaret Krueger (week 4)

"Atalia's Star" by Kogi Nadoo (week 18)

"Ponga Tree" by me (week 29)

"Ceiling Rose" by Fiona Audain (week 22)

"Tribute" by Mikkel Beck Hansen (week 15)

"Yoga Flower" by Chi Chi Allen (week 26)


Blanket #3 - blue yarn for border and joining squares

This blanket contains the following squares:

"Dvora" by Iris Fait (week 14)

"Dutchy Too" Ineke Mooijenkind (week 6)

"Ocean Sun" by Lina Thorsson (week 27)

"Diamond Earth" by Brietna(week 28)

"Ngaru Moana" by Maxine Sutherland (week 11)

"Ponga Tree" by me (week 29)

"Noughts" by Valerie Bracegirdle (week 1)

"Crosses" by Valerie Bracegirdle (week 2)

"Te Puna Aio" by Patrina Hollis (week 7)

"Luna Stella" by Divina Rocco (week 32)

"Boxed Honeycombs" by Bonnie Barker (week 17) no longer available on Ravelry

"Dutchy" by Ineke Mooijenkind (week 5)

"Butterfly Kisses" by Silvana Tabacchi (week 23)


While my kids may not appreciate all the time that has gone into making these blankets, they are definitely getting lots of use out of them. To them, the blankets are not just something to keep you warm but an active part of their playtime. The blankets become "ships" or can turn them into butterflies or other creatures. The photo below shows one such playtime use of two of the blankets (plus another I made about 5 years ago when I was first learning to crochet). 

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