Friends Around the World CAL 2018 weeks 1 and 2


It's now the second week of the Friends Around the World CAL 2018 and I've finally finished my first square. The designs from weeks 1 and 2 are both by the same designer, Valerie Bracegirdle from Agrarian Artisan. Week 1 is called "Noughts" and week 2 is called "Crosses". Both squares are made up of 4 smaller squares that are joined together as you go. Because I was a little late to the party (I hadn't chosen my yarn colours before the CAL started), I decided to combine elements of both squares when I made my first square so that I got to practice each one (and the designer herself suggested that you could combine the two). Since the CAL consists of 33 squares (each about 12" in size) I had decided that I'd make 3 smaller blankets (one each for my children) using 11 squares each plus an extra yet to be decided on square. I had planned on making one square with just naughts, one with just crosses and then one with both. However, my children saw what I had been doing and have demanded they each get a square with both noughts and crosses in it. I've really enjoyed crocheting these squares and love that Valerie included a chart for each (sorry, I didn't include one with my Friends pattern which comes later in the CAL).

Please note if you are planning on doing this CAL that there are 3 extra rounds that you need to add to make it into a blanket. To find the extra rounds you need to go to the blog that is hosting this CAL. You can find the extra rounds for all the squares here:

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