Playing catch up with the FATW3 CAL

It has been quite a while since I posted to my blog. Not because I haven't been busy with crochet projects, but because I have been a little too busy with my projects. I was also starting to get a bit behind with making the squares in the FATW3 CAL and even further behind with posting photos and links to the patterns for the ones that I did complete. I am happy to say that I'm finally up to date with making them all with the exception of the pattern that was released yesterday (which I haven't started making yet) which is just as well. The next pattern in the CAL is my own design and I'm both excited and nervous for its release. In addition to catching up on the FATW3 CAL, I'm also working on several patterns that I'm hoping to get tested and to add to my website. 

 I'm adding below a few of the squares from after week 18 (since there are too many I've missed in the last few weeks to share here in a single blog post). You can find the rest of the designs and patterns on the CAL - Crochet Along Blog

 Week 20 - Water lilly by Lilla Bjorn

Week 22 - Ceiling Rose by fellow New Zealander Fiona Audain

Week 23 - Butterfly Kisses by Silvana Tabacchi

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