Dollhouse furniture - sheet set


This set of patterns is to make a sheet set to go with the little dollhouse bed that I designed for some 6" dolls. You can find the pattern for the bed base and headboard here and the pattern for the mattress and pillow here.

I have included a link to download a template for creating the fitted sheet but you will have to measure your fabric to make the flat sheet and the pillowcase. If your bed is too much bigger or smaller than mine then the template for the fitted sheet might not fit your dollhouse bed quite as well. You can find the template here.


Scraps of cotton fabric - you will need:

Fitted sheet: 24 cm x 17 cm

Flat sheet: 20 cm x 17.5 cm

Pillowcase: 9 cm x 15 cm

Elastic - 5 mm braided elastic

Sewing machine and thread 

Important notes

 There is a 6 mm (1/4”) seam allowance included for each pattern. For the raw edges of the fabric, I used an overlocker stitch on my sewing machine. If you have an overlocker/serger machine then you can use that to stop the ends from fraying. Otherwise, a zigzag stitch over the edges would be useful. For the purposes of this section I am going to use the term "overlock" to refer to this process. 

Fitted sheets

For the fitted sheets you will also need some elastic to go around the edge. I used 5 mm braided elastic. I’m not 100% sure how much I used as I simply stretched the elastic on from a longer roll of elastic and then trimmed it when I got round to the start again.

Cut out your pattern and then fold in the sides of the corners and pin them together {I have labelled the sides that go together A, B, C or D on the template}


Stitch the corners together

At this point I used an overlocker stitch to stop the edges from fraying along the seams that I had just formed and then around the raw edge at the bottom.


I added the elastic on the inside of the overlocked edge stretching the elastic as I went.

I then folded the overlocked edge over the elastic and sewed it down again stretching the elastic as I went around.


Flat sheets

For the flat sheets I simply overlocked around the edges of the rectangle of fabric and then folded the overlocked edge and top stitched it all around. I cut my scraps of fabric so that they were 20 cm (8") by 17.5 cm (7").



For the pillowcases I overlocked around the edges, folded down one of the long sides (wrong side together) and top stitched it down. I then folded it so that the right sides were together and stitched on 2 sides leaving open the side that was top stitched, then turned out the pillowcase.

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