FATW6 - Springtime in Aotearoa

This is the third time that I've been invited to submit a design for the Friends Around the World CAL. This year is the 6th anniversary of the CAL - Crochet A Long group and they have decided to do something different - a collaborative mosaic crochet CAL. I had never even attempted to try out mosaic crochet at all so this was a new challenge for me (it had always been on my list of things to try out). I had a go at some samples in inset mosaic crochet and overlay mosaic crochet and decided that I would design an overlay mosaic crochet pattern for the CAL.

This little design is inspired by the kōwhai trees in my neighbourhood that signal the beginning of spring to me. Kōwhai is the Maori word for "yellow" and comes from the flowers of the tree with the same name. These are sources of nectar for the native tūī (known as the "parson bird by early English colonists due to the tuft of white feathers on its throat while the rest of its feathers appear to be black). The kōwhai trees seem to coordinate their flowering so that the tūī can feed for a few months on their nectar (one neighbour's tree starts flowering in winter, the next in early spring and our own trees in mid-spring). At the time this pattern is coming out (November), the flowers on our trees have all gone and been replaced by little tiny green leaves and in winter all you will see are the long brown seed pods.

I hope you enjoy my first little overlay mosaic crochet design. 


Link to download Phototutorial and crochet chart

Please note that the pattern is not available on Ravelry (only my paid patterns can also be added to Ravelry libraries, I have not linked any of the free patterns at this stage)

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