Granny Square day 2019 - Serendipitous Strawberries

The last few weeks I've been posting about the strawberry stitch (technically I should say, "strawberry stitches" since there is more than one way to create a crochet strawberry). This week, I'm sticking with the strawberry stitch in time for "Granny Square Day 2019". This was the first year I'd heard of Granny Square day but I really like the idea behind it. Granny Square Day is the invention of Simply Crochet Magazine - a UK based crochet magazine. The idea is that on a certain day each year - in this case 15th August 2019 - everyone posts a photo on Instagram with the appropriate hashtag for the year (in this case #grannysquareday2019) and then you can search for the hashtag and see a virtual granny square blanket with everyone's contributions. I've already seen a few people posting photos with this year's hashtag so, even though I'm a day early for the Northern Hemisphere (since it is already the 15th here in New Zealand), I know I'm not the first to post my photo.

My contribution this year is my new design - "Serendipitous Strawberries". I have typed up the pattern for this design but it hasn't been tested yet (except by me) so I'm holding back on posting the pattern for the time being. Without further ado, here's what my design looks like. I hope that you like it and will come back once the pattern is released.

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