New patterns - multifunctional tractor and truck and trailer patterns

Today I'm launching two new paid patterns on my website: a multifunctional tractor plus a truck and trailer. For the months of June and July 2020, these patterns will be on sale for just US$1 each while my Cars and Trucks Crochet Along is running.

The multifunctional tractor is actually one of the first things I ever designed. However, it has taken a few years to get it to this stage as I have refined and improved it several times before settling on this version.

The wheels and implements attach to the basic tractor body via buttons strategically placed to represent hubcaps, side mirrors, a tow bar and a warning light. There are two types of wheels (tractor wheels and caterpillar wheels) and then three different types of implement (a front bucket, bulldozer and backhoe). 

You can make all your attachments using the same main colour as your vehicle body or you can mix and match colours. 

The truck and trailer pattern was designed to work with my mini race car patterns (which will be in the free CAL that I'm running in June and July 2020).

The trailer is hollow and designed to fit 2 small race cars. 

The trailer can also fit the multifunctional tractor (as long as you aren't trying to put it in the trailer with the bulldozer attachment on the front).

If you add an extra button to the rear of the trailer near the base, you can, of course, add on extra trailers

The button on the rear of the tractor can also be used to "tow" the trailer, although it does look a little out of proportion.

The little dump truck from the CAL that will be released during my Cars and Trucks CAL can also "tow" the trailer but again, it does look a little oversized being towed that way.

I am planning on updating and refining a pattern for a trailer that is a better size for being towed by the tractor and the dump truck but that will probably come out later this year if I get a chance to work on it.

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