Yarn scrap challenge #10 - mosaic doll blanket


Welcome to my 10th yarn scrap challenge. This week I thought I would try using up a series of small lengths of cotton yarn in 3 colours that I frogged from another project. None of them was long enough to do much (all between 1-2 m in length) so I thought I would have a go at making a scrappy little mosaic blanket for my kids’ dollhouse. I still have in my possession a little knitted hooded cape that was made for me by my Nana when I was very little and I thought that the pattern on that might be an ideal candidate for creating a mosaic design. I decided to limit the width of the pattern to the number of stitches that I could get out of my shortest scrap length of yarn.

The little graph below shows what I came up with to mimic the pattern on my hooded cape. I haven't included a written pattern this time round. However, the repeat for this is a multiple of 4 + 3 (or 4 + 2 if you are making foundation sc stitches instead of chaining).

Key: ^ = sc, x=mdc, blank = blsc, colours as shown (although not the exact shades in the graph). If you want to make this bigger, repeat pattern between the 2nd-5th stitches across then sc in the last st.


The photo below shows the finished result after adding a double border using the method from Tinna’s youtube channel:


After making up my little scrappy dollhouse blanket, I realized that I had gotten the pattern a little wrong. The real graph I should have used was this one:


I suspect a repeat might be in order the next time I have lots of small scraps of yarn available with the correct pattern (or I might even try a corner to corner version of this like I did with my condensed apache tears pattern last week). But, for now, I’m reasonably happy with how this turned out and it is the perfect size to fit the little dollhouse bed that I made for my children’s dollhouse.


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