Multifunctional tractor pattern

This little vehicle was the first vehicle that I designed. It has undergone several major reworkings over the last few years before I settled on this design. The vehicle is multifunctional and comes with two different sets of wheels (tractor and caterpillar), and three different implements (front bucket, backhoe and bulldozer). These all attach to the vehicle body using strategically positioned buttons that double as hub caps, tow bar, a warning light and side mirrors. You can make all your implements/wheels using your main vehicle colour or you can make lots of different colours to mix and match.

Alternatively, you could make an SUV-style vehicle by making 5 of the small (or large) tractor wheels and adding the 5th one to the rear of the vehicle body.

While my "Cars and Trucks" crochet along is running (June and July 2020), this pattern is available in my store for just US$1. The pattern is available for purchase in my shop here

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