Ngeru (cat) square

This week I'm introducing my new pattern, Ngeru square. This square was inspired by a children's story called "The dog and the mog" by Kaye Arnott and illustrated by Laura Wenden-Green. My kids and I met the author and illustrator at our local library at a book reading. My kids love the books that have been published to date and are looking forward to the new book that will be released later in the year. "Ngeru" is the Māori name for "cat" and this square was inspired by Mavis the mog from the stories. You can purchase this pattern here. I have made it to be the same size as my FATW5 square, "Porohita, tapawhā, pīwakawaka" (both squares have the same final stitch count as well as size) and for the months of July and August 2020 the Ngeru Square has 30% off (no coupon code needed).

I used both of my book-inspired squares to create doll sleeping bags for my nieces and added some "abstract cats stitches" and a few "pīwakawaka" on the sides to create the shape and size to fit the zip in the side.



Some of the other versions I have made are shown below

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