Serendipitous Strawberry Pattern is live

As we come in to spring here in Aotearoa, there are many flowers starting to bloom. However, it's still a little early for the strawberry plants in my garden. I did find a few small flowers (and the beginning of some strawberries) but I suspect it will be at least a couple more months before we start getting much fruit.


In the meantime, I'm enjoying looking at my serendipitous strawberry square design which was inspired by my grandmother's strawberry patch in her veggie garden. This pattern came about by a "happy accident" (serendipity) when I was playing around with the strawberry stitch. I really love how my design turned out. You can purchase the pattern for this square here

The square above was made using DK yarn and a 4 mm crochet hook and is approximately 9". My testers all got different sized squares based on the yarn and hook they used.

Tester 1: Fingering weight yarn with a 2.5 mm hook gave a 5.25" square

Tester 2: Worsted weight yarn with a 4 mm hook gave a 9.25" square

Tester 3: DK weight yarn with a 3 mm hook gave a 19 cm square

Tester 4: 2-ply yarn with a 3 mm hook gave a 15 cm square

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