Crochet Primrose stitch

The primrose stitch is a stitch pattern that requires 2 rows in order to see the "stitch" as it is really a combination of stitches. The conventional way to make this is to chain a multiple of 3 + 2 stitches. The + 2 stitches equate to a hdc at the start of row 1. However, I like to do my hdc stitches by chaining up 1 and then doing the hdc in the stitch rather than using a ch 2 to count as a starting hdc. The basic primrose stitch pattern is as follows:

Row 1  Hdc in the 2nd ch from hook, *sk 2, (sc, ch 2, sc) in the next st* repeat across until you have 3 ch remaining. Sk 2, hdc in the last ch, turn.

Row 2 Ch 3 {Counts as first dc}, 3 dc in each ch 2 sp across, dc in the last st. Ch 1 and turn.

Row 3 Hdc in the first st, (sc, ch 2, sc) in the middle dc of each group of 3 dc across, hdc in the last st, turn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you get to your desired length.

My little primrose stitch square was done twice - once in blue and once in green and pink. I figured that the name must come from the finished pattern looking a little like rows of primroses so I decided to use green for the odd rows to represent leaves and pink to represent the primroses. It also lets you see the pattern clearly. Unfortunately, because I was working in rows and changing colour at the end of each row, I now have heaps of ends to weave in at some point (I usually wait until the end of a project before weaving in all my ends in case I change my mind). The photo below shows my little squares (I began with 14 chains each time and did 6 rows in total before adding a simple sc border to match my other little squares (12 sc per side). I'm looking forward to the challenge of trying to get this stitch pattern to work in the round and corner to corner but I"ll leave that for another day.