Tanker Truck Pattern

I'm pleased to introduce my latest amigurumi pattern - a milk tanker pattern. As a nation that has a large dairy industry, it is very common to see numerous milk tankers travelling between cities, especially around milking times. Because of this, I decided that my children needed to have a milk tanker toy to add to their vehicle collection. Of course, we also have fuel tankers and tankers carrying other things (eg stock food) so the sign added to the rear tanker can easily have the word "fuel" embroidered instead of "milk" or you can add anything else you like to the sign (or leave it off completely). When I designed this vehicle I wanted to minimise the number of parts that required sewing. The only parts that need to be sewn on are the wheels and the optional milk/fuel signs for the rear tanker. This is one of my more complicated patterns in that there are numerous colour changes in the cab and the tankers. However, it would be easy enough to use fewer colours (eg you could use a main colour with white for the windows and black for the wheels) if you wished. 

 You can purchase the pattern here

The rear tanker can also be towed by my little dump truck (a free pattern that was part of my Cars and Trucks CAL) or my little multifunctional tractor (one of my paid patterns you can find more about here)


  • The patterns for all my vehicles can be purchased in my store: https://nessiesnotions.com/collections/all

    Nessie's Notions
  • i would love to get your patterns for the multifunctional tractor and tractor and trailer and the tanker truck and trailer with the tow truck. can you please let me know the price for all. I have alot of small grandson that love these toys. their older sibling don’t like sharing

    Bernice Kopp-Dykens

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